In recognition of the Hohner Affiliated Customizer Seal the quality Highend Full-Customizer will be awarded to Thomas Hanke.
 Joe Filisko, the head of the certification process, has extensively tested the instruments – this includes quality as well as playability – and confirmed the high performance level. |

"In recent years Thomas Hanke climbed to the top of world's best harp manufacturers. His harps are excellent and in my opinion they rank the to the best which are currently beeing produced. The traditional as well as the modern player will have plenty of fun with these reliable and specific instruments. Thomas, I would like to thank you for your passionate and precise efforts!"
 Marc Breitfelder |

This is a great instrument, by far the best one of yours that I've played to date. You've managed to strike a fine balance between a good chord sound and acceptable intonation on single notes. The harp has very much a vintage Marine Band feel, but it's also great to overblow. Basically it does everything I require. Congratulations!
 Steve Baker |

"The harps of Hanke have a rapid-rate of response and their tuning is fantastic. The harp developes into a chromatical instrument on which even the overbends can be bended. The harps of Hanke offer a high degree of convenience of playing, especially caused by the atmospheric density and therefore fully sounding bendings."
 Konstantin Reinfeld |


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